This position is currently not available

Apply for an Internship as a remote working Virtual Assistant & start living life on your terms!

Application is open 7th - 11th of September 2020

Hey there, I am christina - I work as a  PERSONAL BRANDING PHOTOGRAPHer all around the globe!

And I would love to have you on my team as a remote virtual assistant. I think the current situation with the Corona Virus, Lockdowns and people getting fired has shown a lot of people out there, that maybe your normal job is not as safe as you thought it was.

I have always believed in running my own business and becoming financially independent to create the life I want to live and spend the time working wherever I want to. 

I am looking for someone who is just at the beginning of their journey as a 'digital nomad' and is looking to learn and grow as much as they can.

Discipline = Freedom

Beginning of the internship is 1st November 2020

This date is flexible and can also start a few weeks earlier or later.

This position is for 6 months with the possibility to get hired afterwords.

Who is this for and what am I  looking for in an intern?

For me the first thing that matters are your aspirations, your values and your character. Skills can be learned.

But the few things that matter the most for me besides that as a basis for working together are:

  • You have a love for writing 
  • You are an organization talent
  • You are a native German but are fluent in English (speaking and writing)

The next things described are a bonus:

  • You are open minded, want to work remotely and also travel in different countries
  • You are willing to work hard and want to develop not just business wise but also personally

What will you learn in your internship?

Social Media Management 

  • Feed Creation, Visuals, Highlights
  • Posting, Caption writing, Hashtags etc.
  • Instagram, Facebook, (Pinterest maybe), Content planning


  • How to work with Wordpress and Thrive Themes
  • Building pages, landing pages etc.
  • Setting up a newsletter, writing emails
  • Blogpost writing

Other potential topics, depending on how fast you learn

  • Affiliate Blogposts
  • SEO
  • Paid advertising

How to apply


Let's not make it too complicated

I am really not a fan of conventional applications. I don't really care so much about your marks in school, what you've studied or if you have studied at all. Because as a freelancer, entrepreneur or business owner it's super important to think freely, to self educate and to learn practically and in different ways. So no testimony or letter of application required :)


Show me what you got

Personality and the vibe of a person is very important to me, so I would love for you to shoot a 3-4 minute video, where you just introduce yourself, tell me why you want to work remotely, where you see your strengths and weaknesses and why you would like to work together with me in particular.


send it over

It's super easy, please upload your video filmed with your phone to YouTube and then 

 just send the private link over to

And what happens now?

I am going to pick 3 applicants for a video call or an in-person meeting if we are in the same city. I will get back to your email ASAP.

Thanks so much for taking the time to apply and I am excited to watch all the videos! :)